I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. I have worked all aspects of production starting at the bottom and raising myself up to a line producer as well as a DGA UPM, and producer. I have mainly worked in independent feature film, but have also done TV, documentaries, commercials, webisodes and streaming video.
In recent years I felt the need to work in a more corporate environment and had been working for a well known record company in accounts management, responsible for dealing with vendors, artists, producers, payroll, and production personnel.

I am now back as a freelancer and am currently in development on a reality series called “Trauma Intervention”. This series documents the work of trauma counselors that help people after a major trauma in there lives.

Last July I went to the  Gulf of Mexico with my producing partner to  film a reality/documentary of the oil spill. It follows one woman’s journey home and the reality of the effect on the land and people of the gulf coast from New Orleans, Louisiana to Pensacola, Florida.

I am proficient in budgeting and scheduling in the most current EP/Movie Magic editions.
My track record as a line producer and upm is all productions have been successfully finished on time and on budget no matter how low or high the budget.

During my two years at the record company I was able to educate myself in CGI and 3D animation. I have worked on Maya software and am able to schedule and estimate cost of VFX. Having done the process myself I can interface with designers and artists and can liaison between production and the special effects houses.